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....And, yet, here I was at the International Yoga Week in Rishikesh, alongside some of the supplest, nimblest bodies on planet earth, whose ability to contort themselves into the most complex of asanas glaringly showed up my own pathetic inadequacies of both body and mind ....


3days, 5days & Weekend yoga sessions in New Delhi(Vasant Kunj ,Vasant Vihar, Safdarjung Enclave) & Gurgaon(Garden estate club and Club Patio,South City 1
    • 17th June, 2017- 2 Hours Yoga & Meditation,B5&6,Vasant Kunj,New Delhi

    • JULY & AUGUST,2017- 2months weight loss programme(INR 8000 for 2months).Timing 10-11am - B5&6,Vasant Kunj

    • JULY-AUGUST 2017 - 2Months Diabetes programme (INR 8000),Timing -10-11am -B5&6,Vasant kunj

    • AUGUST-SEPTEMBER,2017-  2month Thyroid programme (INR 8000) , Timing 10-11pm,B5&6,Vasant Kunj

    • Our studios in Delhi & Gurgaon 

      1) B5&6, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi ,India

      2)Garden Estate,Near Guru Dronacharya Metro,Gurgaon,India 

      Free trial session available 

    • 19-20th Oct- 2 days yoga workshop-B5&6,Vasant Kunj,
    • Oct,2013- 1months weight loss programme - C9-Vasant Kunj
    • Oct,2013- 1Month Diabetes-B5&6,Vasant kunj
    • Nov,2013-  1Month Thyroid-B5&6,Vasant Kunj